Playing with Color: The Interplay between Fabric and Thread

Playing with Color
By now you’re probably familiar with how our Embroidery Collections can be used with Kaleidoscope Kreator 3. Each Embroidery Collection consists of designs that match a corresponding Template Pack for KK3, so that means you can embellish your printed kaleidoscope designs by embroidering over them “in the hoop”: continue reading…

Using Kaleidoscope Kreator to Create Designs for Electronic Cutting Machines

Hanging decoration (8 inches in diameter)

I recently posted this ornament on Facebook and the response was overwhelming. I was learning how to use the Brother ScanNCut and decided to test cutting an intricate design that I’d made in Kaleidoscope Kreator.  It was deceptively simple, but there seems to be some confusion as to how I created the design. Read on to learn how to create your own intricate designs! continue reading…

Feather Zone wins a blue ribbon at MQX!

You might remember my post a few months ago about the quilt that Teri Lucas and I collaborated on: Feather Zone. Well guess what?  We won a first place in the Small Wallhanging category at the MQX East show! I learned of our blue ribbon yesterday, but I’ve been so busy it hasn’t sunk in yet.  To say I’m excited would be an understatement – especially since it’s the first time either of us has won a blue ribbon!

I am (unfortunately) not at the show, but Teri is (and she is teaching!) so she was able to get a picture with Feather Zone and our blue ribbon.

Thanks for being an amazing partner Teri! :)

National Quilt Day: Special Offer from The Quilt Show

Big news! In honor of International Quilt Day (March 17, 2012), The Quilt Show, the web TV show hosted by Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims, will “open” all of its shows from the first nine series–that is, from show 100 through show 913–for the entire weekend of March 16 –18. This means that—for three special days—everyone will have the chance to view these 117 shows, featuring some of the quilting world’s leading artists, for FREE.

As you may already know, Jeanie appeared as one of the featured artists on TQS in show 507. If you didn’t have the opportunity to see this show first time around, now you’ll have the chance to see it—and so many other terrific shows—at no cost in this unprecedented three-day offer.

We hope that you’ll share this information with all of your quilting friends. It’s a fantastic opportunity

to enjoy three days of learning and fun without leaving your home…all for free.

Enjoy the shows, and thanks for helping to spread the word!

Printing kaleidoscopes for standard photo sizes

We’ve had a cluster of questions lately about printing kaleidoscopes for standard sizes of photo paper and/or frames, e.g. 4″ x 6″, 5″ x 7″, etc. So I thought I would do a blog post explaining the issue and how to address it.

As you’ve probably noticed, all of the kaleidoscopes that are made in Kaleidoscope Kreator default to a square shape, i.e. the width and height are the same. However in Kaleidoscope Kreator 3, we added the ability to specify a different width and height in the Print Kaleidoscope and Print Multiple preview dialogs. See the little check box that says “Maintain Proportions”? If you uncheck that, then you can specify a different width and height.

Uncheck "Maintain Proportions" to specify different width and height values.

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Incorporating kaleidoscopes into a slice quilt

This past summer I was invited to join four other women in a “slice quilt” challenge. For those of you unfamiliar with it, a slice quilt is where a photo is “sliced” into a number of pieces (based on how many people are participating) and each person takes a slice to turn into a quilt. The pieces are then re-assembled into a full quilt once everyone has completed their slice.

Our group decided to do things a little differently in that we didn’t want to have to decide who would get the quilt in the end. So, we decided that each of us would make the entire quilt and we would trade pieces so that everyone would end up with a quilt that was composed of pieces from all five of us. We also decided to first work only on the quilt top and hold off on quilting until we traded pieces. Then we would each re-assemble and quilt as desired.

The first part of the process was to choose a photo to work with. We ultimately decided to work with the following photo that I took of Double Arch in Arches National Park. (It is actually composed of four photos which I merged together, so it seemed appropriate to use it for a slice quilt.)

The original photo

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Troubleshooting printing problems

I’ve been a member of The Quilt Show (TQS) with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims since it began. One of the advantages of membership is an awesome Block of the Month quilt every year.  This year’s quilt is designed by Sarah Vedeler. If you click on the link, you can probably see the possibilities for kaleidoscopes in this quilt, so I’ve been keeping up with the discussions on the TQS site as people start working on the quilt.

A few people have been having trouble getting their templates to line up after they’ve printed them out, so I’m working with Sarah to figure out what might be going wrong.  I thought I’d do a blog post about them since (1) I can attach files and (2) Kaleidoscope Kreator fans might find these tips useful in general. continue reading…

Customer Creation: Claudette Pomroy’s Stuffed Kaleidoscope Ornaments

One of our customers, Claudette Pomroy, sent us photos of some ornaments that she’s made with Kaleidoscope Kreator and I just had to share them with you!

Stuffed kaleidoscope ornament

More kaleidoscope ornaments

Here’s what Claudette had to say about them:

Just wanted to show you the Holiday ornaments I made using your product.  I turned the pictures into black and white, then tinted them blue in Photoshop Elements, and then used Kaleidoscope Kreator to make these “snowflake” shapes on printable fabric, pinwheel style.  I used a light box to see where the image edges were through the fabric and traced the outline onto the back of the fabric.  Then I used a snowflake fabric backing and sewed around the edges, right side to right side, leaving an opening for stuffing.  After I stuffed the mini pillows I tufted them with a silver snowflake button, added hangers and small charms stating the year.  My sister-in-law loved these as her gift a few years ago – these are her daughters.  I like that from a distance they just look like snowflakes and that you don’t realize they are pictures until you see them up close.

When I asked for more details, Claudette was kind enough to send instructions so that you too can make these!

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The Feather Zone

"Feather Zone" by Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero & Teri Lucas

This quilt is a collaboration between me (Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero) and Teri Lucas.  I designed the quilt at the same time I was designing the template shapes for our Feathers Template Mini-Pack.  It was a bit of a challenge to put together the first time around – so much so that I scrapped that attempt and started over.

Almost the entire quilt is printed on 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of inkjet fabric with an Epson 2200. Only the thin red border is not printed. The dark purple border actually started as a lighter purple commercial fabric, but I needed it darker, so printed over it. Problem solved. ;)

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Snowflakes Quilt

I made this quilt a few months ago as a class sample, but now that the holidays are here I thought I would enter it in SewCalGal’s 2011 Christmas Quilt Show.

If you have any Christmas or Winter themed quilts – especially if they are made with Kaleidoscope Kreator – you can enter too!  Deadline is this Friday though (that’s 2 days away).

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